LivShare – Affordable Co-Living

This week I am launching a report about a new housing concept called LivShare. LivShare is a low rent housing product targ


eting single people under 35 on low incomes.

A flexible, modular housing concept based on purpose-built shared houses, designed to offer the best of communal living whilst at the same time creating high quality, safe private bedrooms. With a higher density townhouse model utilising efficient build systems, and off site modular construction, LivShare proposes a model offering rents that young people on low incomes can afford whilst at the same time minimising the running costs of the properties.

A LivShare model can be classed as an affordable housing product and can be delivered as part of a developer’s Section 106 contribution – it can also attract capital grants and institutional investment.

Crucially, LivShare addresses the significant housing need of single young people who struggle to access decent private rented accommodation, and for whom home ownership is unattainable. The housing need of this huge cohort of people is too often not being met by registered housing providers, the build to rent sector or government capital grant funding streams.

This report has been supported by the eminent architect practice Rogers Stirk Habour + Partners, world leading integrated infrastructure firm, Aecom and charity Commonweal Housing

Following the release of the report, I am looking for partners to develop at least one pilot.

LivShare seeks to reclaim the HMO as a tenure of choice and provide a truly affordable housing solution to the hundreds of thousands of sharers struggling with high rents and other living costs.

Message me if you will like a copy of the report which will be available after the 21st June

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